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john mei

Not everyone in the world has enjoyed the benefits of the medical advances now available as there exists a tremendous gap between those in established, industrialized countries and those that continue to industrialize.

According to the World Health Organization, at least 1.3 billion people worldwide lack access to the most basic healthcare, with this burden being greatest in countries overwhelmed by poverty. Unfortunately, the health disparities between poor and rich countries continues to grow.

The Global Health Education Foundation (GHEF) recognizes that there have been many worthy efforts to address these problems, but that the need for additional initiatives remains. In particular, the lack of appropriate educational resources and training opportunities for healthcare professionals is one of the major barriers that many nations face in improving healthcare quality.

Bearing in mind that existing resources are limited to serve the tremendous health requirements of billions of needy people around the world, the existing available philanthropic resources need to be properly utilized.

GHEF believes that dissemination of rapidly developing medical advancements and improving medical skills of health care providers through education and training initiatives can improve the quality of healthcare across the world. Through the availability of improving communication technology, and the willingness of highly trained medical professional who are willing to volunteer their time to educate others, GHEF is confident that together we can a go a long way to achieve these noble goals.

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Dr John Mei CEO and Co-founder

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